Markulluko Borda casa rural en Elizondo (Baztan, Navarra)

There is room for everyone at MARKULLUko Borda.
                                                                   No two stories are alike. Each place is unique.


   Free admission to the Giltxaurd Sports Facilities: Swimming pool, Sauna, Jacuzzi, Gym...
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Markulluko Borda is a perfect combination of modernity and classic beauty. Personality, charm and uniqueness are its hallmarks. Wonderful surroundings, a magical haven, an invitation to relax and just let your senses take over. The personality of the surrounding area is fully reflected in Markulluko Borda. Quality and ecology are features of Markulluko Borda, which uses renewable energy in the form of solar panels on the red tiles of the roof. 

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Juan Lameirinhas  .  Winter  .  Baztan  



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