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Dog friendly

We know that dogs are part of the family, and they are welcome

Alojamiento en Navarra que acepta animales
Travel with your dog

Dog accommodation

As we know that you cannot conceive of going on a weekend or vacation without your dog, at Markulluko Borda Rural Suites we allow your dog to stay here with you.

And we will also tell you what places you can visit with your dog, where you can eat with him, and everything you need to make your stay in Markullu with your dog as comfortable and pleasant as possible.


Pet-friendly accommodation

We admit all dogs and people that meet our three conditions:

1.- That the rest of those staying in the other apartments be respected, that there be no annoying barking or screaming.

2.- If you meet other guests in common areas, restrain or tie the dog.

3.- If the dog has the habit of climbing on the sofa or bed, cover them with covers and make sure they are waterproof, to avoid accidents.

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