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Sustainable tourism

We seek sustainable tourism, both social, economic and environmental


Sustainable accommodation

We use renewable energy to achieve a comfortable temperature and hot water.

To do this, we installed a biomass boiler combined with thermal solar panels, to which we have recently added photovoltaic solar panels. So practically 95% of the energy we consume is clean energy.

Ecological certification


Alojamiento turístico con certificado Ecolabel - Markullu Rural Suites - Navarra

Ecolabel is an ecological certification that is granted to all products and services that ensure a low environmental impact throughout their life cycle.

The European Ecolabel (EEA) is a certification system managed by the EU Ecolabel Committee. It has the support of the European Commission and all Member States. Visually, it is a label with a green-stemmed flower crowned by the letter “e” and the stars of the European flag.

At Markulluko Borda we have a sustainable philosophy and we look for the certificate, because it is not only worth it for us to say it, there has to be someone who certifies it and gives value to what we do.

Taking care of the environment and respecting our surroundings (looking from a social, economic, cultural and environmental point of view) is in the hands of any of us and also in yours. Such habits influence all facets of life, so your way of acting as a traveler and the experience you live will also benefit through ecotourism or responsible tourism.

Responsible energy consumption

Comfort temperature

At Markulluko Borda Rural Suites, we want to provide the greatest comfort to our guests. We seek sustainable tourism, both social, economic and environmental. That is why we use renewable energies, and we try to make responsible use of energy consumption.

A good thermal envelope of the building is essential to maintain a comfortable interior temperature, thus reducing the demand for heating in winter and cooling in summer.

Starting from the fact that the construction is designed and executed with technical criteria and specific construction components in order to achieve good sustainable energy efficiency, if we add some easy-to-use guidelines for the user, an optimal comfort temperature can be achieved and make your stay even more comfortable.

Alojamiento sostenible en Baztan Bidasoa

In summer and hot seasons

In the mornings, close the windows tightly and draw the blinds to avoid direct solar radiation. At night, taking advantage of the fact that the outside temperature drops in the Baztan Valley, open the windows and blinds. Combining with the cross ventilation of the apartment you will obtain a simple and efficient cooling of the interior space.

Alojamiento sostenible en Baztan Bidasoa

In winter and cold times

If you feel cold, raise the temperature on the thermostat to about 23-25 degrees and in 10 minutes the apartment will heat up so that it will be necessary to turn it off or lower it considerably, and it is likely that during your entire stay you will not have to turn it on again, since The installed thermal envelope conserves heat.

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